Why Quentin Tarentino is my number one director.



Hello there stranger from afar! First of all allow me to welcome you to my film blog…so yeah come on in, put your feet up and make yourself a cuppa! This is the first blog I have ever created that is entirely dedicated to film so if you’re interested in cinema, international movies or just film in general then hopefully my weekly blogs will interest you.

As I was watching Kill Bill Vol 1(2003) in the very early hours of this morning (2.00am – 3.45am to be exact) it suddenly occured to me that Quentin Tarentino is my favourite film director of all time. This puts Tarentino ahead of Spielberg who has had countless classics and even Martin Scorsese who’s films I have relished for as long as I can remember, especially ‘The Departed’ and his most recent big hit ‘Shutter Island’. Ever since this spontaneous moment of sudden realisation I have been trying to pin-point the reasons to why he is my number one. I asked myself, is it the flashback technique he is so fond of using in his films or is it the viscerally felt gore used in films such as ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘Inglorious Basterds’? I came to the conclusion that although these two aspects are essential to his style and equally essential in my admiration for his films they were not the definitive reasons to why he fits the bill as my favourite director of all time.

 Perhaps it is the effort and research that he puts into his stories and scripts that makes him the number one, for example, it took Tarentino just over ten years to finalize Inglorious Basterds as he states in an interview with Charlie Rose “I wrote it like a novel” and “I just couldn’t stop writing”. The dedication he possesses into directing his films to appear like his vision of it is second to none. In the interview he also discusses the way he works with his cast explaining he puts them into a direction and then let’s them take the lead through improvisation, perhaps it is this that makes his films so enjoyable for me and many others.

After much thought and consideration I finally came to the conclusion that the use of dialogue from the characters in his films is what does it for me. The best example I can think of to attempt to describe what I mean is his perhaps most famous film ‘Pulp Fiction’. The dialogue feels so real; this probably relates back to the interview where he explains the freedom he gives to his cast although he won’t hesitate to tell them “its crap” if it is so.

An example of this real life feeling dialogue is a scene a lot of you will be familiar with from ‘Pulp Fiction’. It is hard to explain why this scene is so entertaining to watch but I believe the realness of it captures you and completely interpolates you into the scene.


                         What’s her name?






                         How did Marsellus and her meet?



                         I dunno, however people meet people.

                         She usta be an actress.



                         She ever do anything I woulda saw?



                         I think her biggest deal was she

                         starred in a pilot.



                         What’s a pilot?



                         Well, you know the shows on TV?



                         I don’t watch TV.



                         Yes, but you’re aware that there’s

                         an invention called television, and

                         on that invention they show shows?






                         Well, the way they pick the shows on

                         TV is they make one show, and that

                         show’s called a pilot. And they show

                         that one show to the people who pick

                         the shows, and on the strength of

                         that one show, they decide if they

                         want to make more shows. Some get

                         accepted and become TV programs, and

                         some don’t, and become nothing. She

                         starred in one of the ones that became




There are numerous scenes within Pulp Fiction and all Tarentino films that make the viewing experience seem so real through the dialogue; this is definitely what makes Quentin Tarentino my number one director of all time.

Just before I leave you all take a look at the video below, it is the interview I have been refering to, also please keep your eyes open for frequent reviews and follow me if you have an account, hope you enjoy and I’ll be writing soon. x

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